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Positive Displacement Oval Gear flowmeter – Digital (HPOG)

Positive Displacement Oval Gear flowmeter – Digital (HPOG)


Pride – HPOG series positive displacement oval gear Flowmeters are manufactured to provide high precision volumetric flow measurements of clean fuels, oils and lubricants. This flowmeter is used in various industries such as automobile, transport, earth moving, mining, and many industries.

PRIDE HPOG series Flowmeters contained two oval gear rotate with in a measuring chamber and with each rotation a fixed volume of liquid is displaced passing through the meter. The pickup sensor located at the top of the oval gears sense the rotation and gives the pulse output which can convert into digital output.


Kerosene, Lubricating Oils, Fuel Oils, hydraulic Oils, Bio-Diesel, Crude Oil


Model HPOG
Diesel/LDO/HSD/Mustard Oil/Furnace Oil/Adblue Oil
Line Size
DN 10 - DN 200
Digital LCD
+/- 0.5%/ +/- 0.2%
Aluminium Alloy/Stainless Steel
Body MOC
Cast Iron/Cast Steel/SS304/SS316
Power Supply
24 V DC
Pulse/4 - 20 mA
End Connection
Flanged End/Threaded End